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Sirjan Pistachio

Introduction Sirjan Pistachio Producers Cooperative SPPC This company established in 1984. With more than 26 years experiences in trading and exporting pistachio to foreign countries and domestic markets. This company has about 6000 members that all of them are pistachio producers in this region.

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Pistachio nuts are dry fruits of species of trees belonging in the Anacardiaceae family, in the genus: Pistacia. The plant is a medium sized broad, bushy, dioecious, deciduous tree, believed to be originating in the mountain ranges of West-Asian region. Several cultivars exist; however, the


Selection and storage

Pistachios are available in the markets year around. In the grocery stores, one may choose shelled, unshelled (with-shell), roasted, salted, sweetened, etc forms of nuts displayed for sale. Try to buy completely unshelled (with intact outer coat) nuts instead of processed ones. They are generally available in the airtight packs as well as in bulk bins.

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